Academic Calendar

Fall 2021

August 16 (M) Reporting day for Faculty/Staff Awards Breakfast (office closed)
August 17 (T) Registration (8:00 am - 6:00 pm)
August 17 (T) Last Day for Online Course Registration
August 18 (W) Orientation for all new and returning students (Helena-West Helena) 
Nursing Orientation in Helena (All students admitted to the ADN Program.)
Nursing Orientation in DeWitt (All students admitted to the PN Program.)
August 19 (TH) Orientation for all new and returning students (All Campuses) 
August 23 (M) Day & evening classes begin, Fast Track 1 begins, Online classes begin.
August 30 (M) Last day for 100% refund
September 6 (M) Labor Day Holiday (no classes, offices closed)
September 8 (W) Last day to complete application file for current semester/Last day for 50% refund
October 13-14 (W & TH) Online Midterm Proctored Exams & Fast Track 1 Final Exams
October 15 (F) Midterm advisory grades due (4:00 pm)
October 19 (T) Online Midterm Advisory Grades due & Fast Track 2 begins
October 22 (F) Faculty/Staff In-Service (no day classes but evening and weekend classes meet)(offices closed)
November 1 (M) Last day to drop and receive a “W”
November 8 (M) Spring registration begins
November 22-26 (M-F) Faculty and students do not report (no classes, offices open Nov. 22-24)
November 25-26 (TH & F) Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes, offices closed)
November 29 (M) Offices open, classes resume (8:00 am)
December 2 (TH) Last day to receive an “EW”
December 6, 7, 8 (M, T, W) Online Final Proctored Exams & Fast Track 2 Final Exams
December 9 (TH) Last day for classes
December 9 (TH) Online & Fast Track 2 Grades due
December 10 (F) Study Day (Faculty will be available in their offices from 8:30 am to noon)
December 13, 14, 15, 16 (M, T, W, TH) Day, evening, and night exams begin Monday, Dec.13
December 17 (F) Final grades due (12:00 noon)
December 21 (T) December Graduation (no commencement)
December 21 (T) Offices closed from 4:30 pm until 8:00 am on 1/4/22 (T)
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