Higher Learning Commission


HLC has three options or pathways for maintaining institutional accreditation.  PCCUA chose to be part of the Open Pathway which is a quality assurance and institutional improvement pathway following a ten-year cycle. The Quality Initiative is the improvement-based effort aligned with this Pathway and it provides the College with an opportunity to explore and resolve a project (s) related to institutional need.

The Commission invited PCCUA to participate in the third Open Pathway cohort and the first Open Pathway Visit was in 2015.

This invitation was extended based upon several factors:

We had been accredited over ten years.
We had no new major structural or organizational changes in progress.
We were not under any Commission sanction.
We had no pending recommendations for a focused visit or other monitoring.
We had not been undergoing significant change.
We had not raised significant Commission concerns about circumstances or developments at the institution.

Open Pathway Assurance Review - June 29, 2020 (29 days-virtual)

The HLC Institutional Update is Due April 3, 2020. The Team for that update include the following people:

  • Data Update Coordinator: David Blake Cannon
  • Chief Financial Officer: Stan Sullivant
  • Accreditation Liaison Officer: Deborah King
  • Chief Executive Officer: Keith Pinchback

HLC Open Pathway Visit - April 20, 2015

2015 Open Pathway Visit
2015 Assurance Argument
2015 Federal Compliance Report
DeWitt Multicampus Report 
Stuttgart Multicampus Report
Helena Multicampus Report (not required but provided for comparisons)