New police officer on duty for Helena campus
Posted Date: 4/11/24

Carle Nelson, of Helena-West Helena, has been hired as a new full-time campus police officer at Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA)-Helena. His office is located in the Bonner Student Center. Last year, PCCUA established its own police department on the Helena Campus and now employs police officers to provide law enforcement services on campus.

Nelson, our daytime police officer, joined PCCUA on April 1 and brings a lot of experience and certifications to the job. Nelson is certified as a Crisis Intervention Officer, who is trained in knowledge about mental illness and managing crisis situations. He is also proficient in operating drones, and part of his campus work involves patrolling the campus with aerial footage, pictures and video. Nelson said the drone helps cover a wide range of the campus from any location on campus and added that the drone aerial patrol is very helpful in surveillance when detecting any criminal activity that may occur on campus.

His professional training includes officer training through the Arkansas State Police. In addition to working at PCCUA, he also serves the Helena-West Helena Police Department (HWHPD), where he has been employed as a detective and police sergeant for over seven years. Nelson also carries certification through the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training as a police firearms instructor and a police professional instructor.

He makes daily rounds throughout campus and has full arrest powers granted by the State of Arkansas. If you need campus security, dial 816-0377 or dial 9999 from any campus phone.

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