PCCUA recognizes AR County 2024 honorgraduates and outstanding students
Posted Date: 5/14/24

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These Phillips College students, who have attended classes on the Stuttgart and DeWitt campuses, were among those recognized as 2024 honor graduates during a reception hosted by the college. Shown are (front) Taniya Austin, Alicea Brown, Zoe Fisher, Lori Herron, Anyla Jeffery, Alayna Jones, Laiken Kizzire, LaTonya Love-Larkin, (back) Breen Raina Manos, Madison Middleton, Jessica Moutry, Miranda Nelson, Gloria Peabody, Luis Tejada, Geraldine Trujillo-Lemus. Not pictured: Addison Bouscher, Corbin Brown, Walter Freeman, Paige Golleher, Keondra Holder, Emma Hyatt, Elijah Martin, Abbie Milliken, Jessica Murphy, Laney Shultz, and Lucinda Vent.


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Selected Outstanding Students by the faculty on the Stuttgart and DeWitt campuses were (L-R) Breen Manos, Brittany Fitzpatrick, and Kevin Conway. Not pictured is Tucker Connor.


PCCUA recognizes AR County 2024 honor graduates and outstanding students


The 2024 honor graduates of Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, who attended classes on the Stuttgart and DeWitt campuses, were honored during a reception preceding commencement exercises on Thursday, May 19, in Stuttgart. The honor graduates were recognized for their dedication in maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

Among the 2024 honor graduates were: Taniya Austin, of Pine Bluff; Addison Bouscher, of DeWitt; Alicea Brown, of Clarendon; Corbin Brown, of Carlisle; Zoe Fisher, of Stuttgart; Walter Freeman, of DeWitt; Paige Golleher, of Stuttgart; Lori Herron, of Stuttgart; Keondra Holder, of DeWitt; Emma Hyatt, of Stuttgart; Anyla Jeffery, of Stuttgart; Alayna Jones, of England; Laiken Kizzire, of Stuttgart; LaTonya Love-Larkin, of DeValls Bluff; Breen Raina Manos, of DeWitt; Elijah Martin, of Cabool, MS; Madison Middleton, of Clarendon; Abbie Milliken, of White Hall; Jessica Moutry, of Pine Bluff; Jessica Murphy, of DeWitt; Miranda Nelson, of Almyra; Gloria Peabody, of DeWitt; Laney Shultz, of DeValls Bluff; Luis Tejada, of England; Geraldine Trujillo-Lemus, of DeWitt; and Lucinda Vent, of White Hall.                                               

Recognized as Outstanding Students were DeWitt Traditional Student – Breen Raina Manos; DeWitt Non-traditional Student– Brittany Fitzpatrick, of Gillett; Stuttgart Traditional Student – Kevin Conway, Jr., of Stuttgart; and Stuttgart Non-traditional Student – Tucker Conner, of Stuttgart. These students embody the spirit of PCCUA on their campus.

Manos has thrown herself into the college experience. In the classroom. she excels with a 4.0 GPA, is recognized on the Chancellor’s List every semester, and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  She has served as president of the Student Ambassadors on the DeWitt Campus, a work study student, and also worked off campus. Her excellence on campus has also been recognized, and she was named the Academic All-Star representative for PCCUA at the Arkansas Community College annual conference last October. In addition to her excellence on campus, Manos is also an accomplished writer, who has published a book of poetry. She plans to continue her education to earn a bachelor’s degree, attend medical school and become athoracic surgeon.  She is still weighing the options of the various scholarship offers she has received for completion of her bachelor’s degree.

               Fitzpatrick is a non-traditional student, who just completed the PN program and plans to continue  on to receive her ADN degree. She is a strong student,who is organized, dedicated and sets an example for other PN students on how to balance work and school. She is also an example of how grit and determination can help anyone succeed, no matter what stage of life they are in at the moment.

Conway has been active as a student at PCCUA, serving as a Student Ambassador on the Stuttgart Campus, a work study student and very helpful and involved with student activities, the career closet, and Ambassador fundraisers. He has been a great asset on campus and representative of that Ridge Runner spirit off campus. He is a strong student, who has been accepted to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, where heis going to complete his prerequisites to apply to the nursing program.

               Conner is a single father, who works for the Stuttgart School District and is a student on the Stuttgart Campus.  Tucker is getting his degree in Information Systems Technology.  He plans to continue his education at PCCUA by completing the Cyber Security side of the Information Systems Technology degree and then transfer to Grantham University for his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology.  While he may have had challenges working, being a student and a full-time dad, he was always eager to help his fellow classmates.




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