Sexual Assault Action Plan

Addressing the Prevention of Sexual Assault

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas (PCCUA) meets the letter and spirit of Act 563 of 2017 through our efforts to educate students on the prevention of sexual harassment on campus. A Title IX team has been coordinated to combat such issues from occurring on campus. The group has evaluated the campus culture to identify potential issues and are working on strategies to eliminate any possible risks.

Currently, PCCUA sexual assault awareness includes the following approaches to educate students on sexual assault awareness:
  • The college utilizes the mandatory orientation as a platform to educate students on sexual assault at the beginning of each academic year. The orientation session is mandatory for students taking six (6) or more hours on any of our three campuses - DeWitt, Helena-West Helena, and Stuttgart. Orientation sessions are provided in the noon and evening hours to accommodate students’ schedules.
  • Information regarding sexual assault was communicated on the PCCUA website, and was published in our PCCUA policies, which was listed in the student handbook. 
  • Information regarding campus crimes, which included sexual assault, was communicated to our students via email, and was noted on the PCCUA website.
  • PCCUA provides platforms to external agencies, such as the Council on Sexual Assault Response, a community-based program that works to improve and develop services and resources for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking.
  • Campus security successfully completed virtual training for sexual assault prevention.
  • The Title IX team was virtually trained throughout the year to ensure compliancy of ACT 563 of 2017.
  • Partnering with local police for assistance iin sexual assault prevention programming.

Contact Info

Kimberley Johnson, Ed. D. | PCCUA Vice Chancellor for Student Services/Registrar