Safety and Enforcement
Career Cluster

The Safety and Enforcement career cluster is composed of occupations as policeman, sheriff, and security guard.


Occupation Median Annual Wage Entry Level Education
Policeman $36,000 AAS
Security Guard $21,800 High School or GED
Bailiff $30,700 AAS
Correctional Officer and Jailer $32,500 AAS
Private Detective and Investigator $37,600 Master's



Students interested in this career cluster would find jobs as:

  • Policeman
  • Sheriff
  • Security Guard
  • Bailiffs
  • Correctional Officers and Jailers




At PCCUA the pathway tied to this cluster includes the following programs of study:

Associate of Applied Science

Criminal Justice Institute

Acquire general education courses at PCCUA and specific criminal justice courses through the Criminal Justice Institute and earn degrees and certificates in the following areas:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Technical Certificate in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Associate of Applied Science Crime Scene Investigation
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Technical Certificate in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement Administration

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