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Core Competencies

Core Competencies were modified in the 2012 academic year and are referred to as STACC Skills. They include Social and Civic Responsibility, Technology Utilization, Analytical and Critical Thinking, Communication, and Cultural Awareness (STACC).

The evolving assessment process is on-going, inclusive, and responsive to change. In the last two years, the assessment committee and faculty determined that in order to influence student learning outcomes, every division within the institution had to agree that they would be responsible for student learning.

In 2003 PCCUA Core competencies were established and adopted (see General Education Core Competencies). The core competencies are listed in the college catalog, posted on bulletin boards on each campus, as well as in the assessment of student learning process.

Communication/Assessment Tools:

  • English Grading Standard
  • Writing Rubric for English
  • Speech Rubric