WC Grade Request

Need a grade change?  Maybe you need to request a "WC" grade:

Why Request a “WC” Grade?

A “WC” is a course clemency. This means that a student can take the “WC” in place of an “F” and retake the class at a later date. The “WC” will not be calculated in the student GPA. Students must request the “WC” grade change after final grades are posted but before May 1, 2021. Those receiving a degree or certificate must make the request by March 1, 2021. This is a special COVID-19 grade that will only be used this semester unless designated during another crisis.


How do I Request a “WC” Grade?

The "WC" Grade must be requested by the student by filing a student request form. Follow these easy steps.

Complete the form and submit.


Who can request a “WC” Grade?

  • Students receiving a letter grade of an “F” may complete the form online, submit it to the Registrar’s Office, and once it is approved, the “F” will revert in the system to a “WC”. This grade will not be calculated in the GPA. Students are allowed to file for more than one “WC” grade. A separate submission must be made for each course.  However, it is critical to talk to a representative in the Office of Financial Aid to determine if multiple “WC” grades might impact Pell eligibility. 
  • Students who receive a “D” grade or better in a Spring 2020 course can request that the letter grade be replaced with a “WC”. Requests are allowed on a course by course basis, and students must file a request for each individual class for the “WC” option.  Students should speak or correspond with an advisor before submitting the request.  A “WC” grade will have no credit and will not be calculated in the GPA. 

Note: Students in allied health or designated programs with state approval or national accreditation or licensure should consult with their advisor prior to requesting a grade change.

Each student must determine if there are financial aid issues prior to requesting a “WC” grade. A full-time enrolled student who selects the “WC” grade for one course, should have no negative impact on financial aid status. However, if a student files for multiple “WC” grades, this could be a financial aid problem and this decision should be discussed with a representative in the Office of Financial Aid.  If a student is on financial aid probation, the student should discuss the change with the Office of Financial Aid before deciding to request a “WC” grade.